Thursday, August 7, 2008

60s chic and a rebellious streak

I swear I did not start this blog to gush over Mad Men every single day. But I just can't help it, every day I find something new and amazing that must be shared. So while it's old news that so many of the fall fashion line-ups (namely Michael Kors) have drawn inspiration from the series/era, it was new news for me to realize how many designers have created lines influenced by the 60s rocker chicks and hippies ("the Kate Moss-for-the-Nixon-era" - TFS)

Michael Kors


Anna Sui


Ann Demeulemeester
(images courtesy of tfs)


LC said...

Let's start dressing like this.

(ps - why do you make me verify words to write comments on your blog. this is probably the reason no one writes comments on your blog.)

Sunshine Cook said...

The black Chloe number looks like Georgina Sparks... he he he