Tuesday, August 19, 2008

CdG x H&M

Here's a sneak peak at the Comme des Garcons line for fall at H&M. Unfortunately there are no bright reds and pinks we saw in their current collection. And most of these things are just frankly not my style. My favorite things of the bunch are the ruffly frock at the bottom, and the most of all the navy trench. Hint* hint* to any of my Michigan relatives who live near H&Ms who are thinking, hey it's your half-birthday coming up, isn't it?!

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Sunshine Cook said...

I don't think Comme des Garcons is going to convince me that the crotch-at-the-knees pants look good. Perhaps if an "I Dream of Jeanie" trend sweeps the nation and they come out in fantastic Arabian prints... but still, probably not. Because while I can handle volume in the shoulders, volume at a bubble hem, volume in sleeves, and more, "voluminous crotch" is not I phrase I want applied to myself, ever.