Friday, September 5, 2008

NY Fashion Week is Here!!!

Erin Wasson in her upcoming collection she's designed for RVCA (tFS)


Maya said...

I got tickets to the James Coviello show on Saturday and now I can't go. :( I'm soooooo bummed; I would have been able to experience fashion week live! Oh well.

audry said...;jsessionid=E9C91CFC28D3B09085C072942BBE4B7E.app13-node8?navAction=jump&navCount=0&itemCount=&id=WOMENS_APPAREL

Do you love this??? I do... I'm not quite sure how to pull off a look like this with confidence, but I do love it..It would be great for you because you're so skinny.. what do you think of it?

audry said...
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Nicole said...

aud- i do love it! if you're talking about that aquestrian blazer that is. we can get them and be cross-country twins :) i miss u!