Saturday, October 4, 2008

I have some serious negotiating talents

Maybe I should have gone to law school after all. Let me tell you a story about how I got a $148 for $60. As you'll recall a few posts ago I've been courting this black tuxedo jacket from Express. It is beautiful. It's so well-tailored, has lots of buttons on the cuffs, and is constructed from wonderfully rich fabric. So, the plan was to go to the store to try it on and then simply wait for it to go on sale, which probably wouldn't be until Christmas. Well, when I went to the store and tried it on, I noticed a sign a few racks away from this particular jacket that said 40% off jackets. I was like, oh okay, well awesome! So I took the jacket up to the register and didn't say anything while he rang it up. Turns out it wasn't on sale. So I took the sales guy over to the general area and showed him the sign. And I picked up a jacket right below the sign that was the same price and was on sale for 40% off. I was like dude, this is a black jacket for the same price that is on sale, eh eh? He's like, oh okay I'll do it. So he rang up the other jacket and then I whipped out my $25 coupon that I got in the mail and cha-ching! Father would be proud.

I'll admit I hadn't stepped foot into an Express since the 9th grade, but they've got some real gems now. And they hand out $25 coupons like candy. Here's my latest crush

Express tuxedo jacket seen with XXI tee, XXI belt, XXI jeans, Superga shoes

Here is a much better shot from their website. I am so in love.

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audry said...

Well done!!

Looks way better on you than the model.