Sunday, February 8, 2009

Enlist me!

I'm a wee bit obsessed with trench coats. The one that takes the cake is none other than the Burberry trench. I was at Northpark  yesterday for a volunteer fair and somehow wandered right on into Burberry, oopsie! Then I stumbled right into a size 2, oops again. It is perfection and the quality and construction puts my Banana trench to shame! You feel like a million bucks in one. Thanks to the recession just about everything in the universe is on sale. But I won't be getting one of these babies for a looooooong time. 

Maybe it's all the Catholic school I've been through, but I always feel like I'm in some sort of uniform regiment. Right now it's a blazer, tee,  jeans, and chucks. But I could see myself in one of these babies, jeans, a hanes white tee, and ballet flats FOREVER. It's so simple and classic and perfect.

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Naomi said...

Oh, I JUST bought a new trench coat YESTERDAY! It's not quite up to your Burberry standards – it was on sale at H&M so still probably 1/4 the price :-D

Aaaannd, unlike Blair-Go-Lightly's, mine is blue! ***plot twist!!***

I got a green and white checkered scarf to go with, and I felt so cute in the LA winter rain.

(p.s. - deal, fellow blogger!!)