Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Go see this now

I saw this at the IMAX last night and it is absolutely INCREDIBLE. It's stop motion, not CG, and I had to keep reminding myself every moment. And ever teeny tiny little thing down to the blade of grass is made by hand. Even the clothes are created by a miniature knitter, and took up to six months to create even just a single piece. It just blows my mind!

And one other thing to note. The story is about a family that moves from Pontiac, Michigan (woot woot!) to Oregon. And I have to say that Dakota Fanning totally nailed the Michigan accent. I kept nudging Leo and asking him if I still sounded like that. Please let it not be so!


Naomi said...

We saw it this weekend too and it was AMAZING.

I wonder if I can get a job as one of those miniature knitters??

Maya said...

I can't wait to see this. A friend of mine was one of the concept artists on this movie and I see his asthetic ALL over it.