Monday, April 27, 2009

Gossip Girl + Sacred Heart

At the end of tonight's Gossip Girl, Dove did a featurette on a New York designer Chrissie Miller. Part of the mini-doc she talked about her private school up-bringing on the Upper Eastside (check), showed a photo of the park (check) and a street sign that said 90th St. And my heart sank, could it be? Sacred Heart?! Immediately after I saw this I looked her bio up online and in fact she is from the Convent of the Sacred Heart! Can I get a what what!

This is where I spent many nights while volunteering in not-so-nearby soup kitchens. And saw my first prostitute. I have lots of memories here while meeting Sacred Heart students from all over the US (there are 19 total). I'm from the one in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Maybe we can get Sister Bearss to bring more alums in like Chrissie and less like Cokie Roberts, who I think still comes once a year or about that! What has Cokie done for me lately? Here's Chrissie's line, Sophomore. It seems very Erin Wasson x RCVA-y, but whatever.

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