Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Butts 'n doodles

I'm not terribly into Courtney Love but I love reading journals and diaries. Especially ones that you can interact with. My favorite of all time is this one. In college I even tried doing my own but didn't feel I was as successful as Dan so I quit. And I can't just continue that one because it has all these doodles of an ex-boyfriend and I just can't have that lying around the house. So Courtney Love has inspired me to start one again.

The problem is photography. I feel like I have billions of snapshots, all on my computer. I've also somehow stolen my childhood books from my mother and she has yet to ask for them back. So it's hard to try and make pages look random and unplanned when I have to go through 30 million megs of photos on iphoto and then burn and cd and take it to Ritz Camera to make prints. Then I thought, what about a digital book? No, no no. It just doesn't feel authentic at all.

Next is what kind of journal. Binding is a big deal to me. Spiral is preferred and allows you to stick big fat things on the pages without the book bulging. So I may stick with spiral.

Last is interest. What the f do I do on a daily basis that would even interest me long enough to draw or paint or write about. Hmmmm. This will take some thinking.

Oh! I was pondering my life of creative emptiness yesterday and decided to enroll in an art class for the summer. Since by far my favorite creative medium is books and book binding, I opted for that. There is a place in Dallas that offers classes, and it is nice because they have an intermediate/advanced class on Wednesday nights, which falls on a non-gym night, so it's perfect. It's time to dust off all my tools and hunt for fun papers and fabrics on ebay and thrift shops. And let's be honest, that is really my favorite part.

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