Monday, June 15, 2009


That tree sticking out is where I read, and just behind that is where girls had archery.
This is where we canoed. And when we had off hours we'd go exploring.
The Japenese garden tucked away that we'd float under.

Some of my favorite moments ever were when I spent the summer before my senior year of high school working as a canoe counselor at Cranbrook Kingswood girls camp. On my time off, I would flick my shoes off and spread out on my belly below this enormous old tree (you can see it in that top pic) and read Anna Karenina. The campus is just gorgeous. I even knew at the time that this was living. Today I dream of those days that summer. And I want two things. A big tree (preferably in a Japenese garden), and a book that is as wonderful and rich as AK. Oh and those perfect 75 degree afternoons.

As as side note, I was wandering around the Borders site and saw their "If you like this, try this" section. And wow did they nail me! Figuratively. So if you liked Lolita (which is officially my favorite book), try these.

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