Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Must-have pant of your life

While I was home in good 'ol Troy, Michigan for a week, my mom and I did a lot of shopping. Well, correction. A lot of walking around the mall, eating veggie burgers, drinking coffees, and sneaking sweets wherever possible. Anthropologie is always a place we end up stumbling into. Feeling, smelling and trying on many many things. When I saw these pants I knew they would never come off my body, and they haven't since I got them last week. They're like if jeans and leggings got married and had super awesome kid that got all the best traits and so they quit having kids after that because, well, what's the point? So there you have it. The pant you must go buy now. I know that $138 buckeroos is a lot to spend on a single pair of pants, but when you divide that by the infinite number of times you'll wear them and all the different ways to wear them, well that equals like $1. And that's a deal.

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Naomi said...

I like your math!