Thursday, November 5, 2009


I usually don't write about interiors, but this one particular site is too spectacular to go un-shared. Thanks Sergio! It's called Remodelista. And the part about it I really love is when they take homes (like Julianne Moore's West Village apartment, top photo) and deconstruct them and then find pieces, paint colors etc that are comprable (and sometimes much cheaper!). These are two rooms that I am really drawn to. Mostly because all I wear and love is gray, black, white and tan/khaki/beige/whatever.


audry said...

you've totally been slacking on the outfit posts and I happen to like your style c'est dommage... ;)

OMG = OH MON DIEU! OMD perhaps?
and always a good rough equivalent = Oh la!, or Oh la la! :)

Claire said...

I love the first photo :)