Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chinese food + chinese art

Today I met Leo for lunch at our favorite downtown chinese place, Kuai. The dumplings are scrumptious. We always order the pork dumplings which are made from ground pork, cabbage, green onion, ginger, garlic, chives and spices. They're super juicy and flavorful. You can choose from a bunch of sauces for dunking and dipping, but my favorites are the honey ginger soy sauce. We also got soup and my usual is the hot drop (half hot and sour, half egg drop), topped with those fantastic crunchy things and chives. To drink is also my usual lemon mint tea. And the best part is you get free frozen yogurt with an abundant of sides. Today's flavor was strawberry and plain tart, which I do a half and half of and top with fruity pebbles and coconut. Mmm mmm MMm m.

I dropped Leo back off at the office and headed a few blocks over to the Crow Collection of Asian Art to see the new exhibit of Yang Jin Long. There were only about a dozen pieces, but four of them were large scale and quite fascinating. They're full of layers and layers, and each time you come back to it you see something new. A docent was giving a tour of those pieces while I was there so I eavesdropped and it was funny to hear him say "well, I was taught to tell you all that what you see is what you see" and they just walked on. So that was that! But I was drawn to the pieces because he had a wonderful way of incorporating old Chinese masterpiece imagery with stylistic modern elements. There are so many incredible details that you just have to walk away from it and come back to notice.

Oh! And this Friday is Chinese New Year and the Crow is having BIG celebrations! Traditional tiger and lion dance, food from Royal China, beer tastings, tea and lots of sweets. Oh yes, and lots of activities. So I'm hoping to drop in this Friday evening. And the Crow is always free.

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