Friday, March 5, 2010

The King's stuff

Do you think her waist was really that tiny? Speaking of tiny, last night my friend and I went to Neiman's to see the unveiling of Nicole Richie's new line of hippie clothing called Winter Kate. And Nicole (we're on a first name basis) is just the tiniest and cutest little thing I ever did see.I just wanted to scoop her up and go share a latte with her. Unfortunately my photos from last night are horrendous and I shan't be sharing. I'll just tell you it's me running away from her and her looking like "Ummm, okay! Next?". But what I always say is it's the journey and not the destination. And the standing in line portion of the evening was a blast! They had champagne, cupcakes and a table full of blue candy, my favorites being the gummy sharks and sour belts. Not to mention the people watching was priceless. We saw a Dallas dive & daughter, you know the super botoxed up one (oh wait)....a tranny, and a load of gucci bag-toting 9-year-olds with there ├╝ber stylish mommies. 

What are you up to this weekend? This should be an exciting one. Tonight I'm planning a date with my Leo to eat at one of my favorite places, Asian Mint, and then to see the long loooong awaited Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. Tomorrow evening we're going to an opening at Meadows Museum of Art. It's called Royal Splendor in the Enlightenment: Charles IV of Spain. Patron and Collector. When I explained this to Leo it came out as "some Spanish king's stuff, I think his name is Charles." Good thing I'm not in charge of naming exhibits. And then Sunday is the Oscars!!! Which I get so giddy for every year. But when I'm watching them I end up throwing things at the tv, yelling, and swearing that I'll never watch them again. 

Have a lovely weekend!

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