Monday, April 26, 2010

White Rock Home tour + gourmet tacos= romance

The longer I keep up with this blog, the more I realize how much time I spend apologizing for my grotesque photos. Once we get a new digital SLR (we sold ours a few months ago) my photographs will be so beautiful that it may even compel a few more people to even read this thing. Now that would be something. 

This past weekend was certainly a full one, as most every one is for me. I can't say no. And I'm lucky to live in a city (while many would disagree) that has so many amazing and inspiring things to do every weekend (and most week nights even).

On an ultra brief side note, I wanted to mention a new-to-me sushi place the hubby and I went on a date to that I just adored. It's called Sushiyama and it's at Forest & Greenville in north Dallas (I already hear the ews and mumbles), but it was so delicious and fresh. Most importantly it is unpretentious and comfortable and all about the food. No disco balls, blaring clubby music, or any of those things that my old sushi joints have evolved into. Anyone in Dallas can concur, oui?

Okay, I digress. Back to the houses and the tacos. You couldn't have painted a more lovely weekend to be outside enjoying fine furnishings and landscaping of these mid-century modern homes in east Dallas. Many of the home tours I've been at in Dallas are just plain depressing because they are just way too amazing. But some of these homes had a wonderful way of combining authentic mid-century pieces with things from Ikea (which we all know the Santos' love, and who doesn't really?). After all I was a wee intern when I moved to Dallas. 

So after the first house, and well into my double shot cinnamon latte, I had some serious jitters and anxiety and needed sustenance. My friend and I made a detour to The Green Spot and grabbed their last few breakfast tacos (the line was wrapped around the building for the lunch tacos and we just weren't having that). We sat in my car, tacos in the laps and salsa bar on the dash, and inhaled them and headed back to the next few houses. It was a lot of fun and definitely got me jazzed to start brainstorming our bedroom at home. Okay, enough words. Bye bye.

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