Sunday, May 16, 2010

I love the theataaaaa

I had the most romantic, loverly Saturday afternoon. I love when things just come together last minute like this. We got tickets to see a matinee performance of Arthur Miller's classic Death of a Salesman at the Wyly Theatre. It's my favorite place to see performances in Dallas. And the ticket prices are incredibly reasonable (as low as $15). And side note: if you go to the box office to purchase, you forego the handling fees which are quite high.

Afterwards we strolled over to One Arts Plaza and ate at The Screen Door, an upscale southern home-cooking restaurant. I started off with a brown butter sage martini and munched on scones, carrot cake muffins and warm corn bread with apple butter. We decided to do the theatre dinner package which was 3 courses for $35 and the best deal on the menu. The first course was the salad, filled with candied pecans, dried cherries and little chunks of cheddar. We also ordered a side appetizer of fried green tomatoes (Leo's favorite). When we got married in Savannah, we ordered these every day, wherever we went. The tomatoes were probably my favorite thing because the tomatoes were warm and sweet, and the outside was crunchy and super spicy. For the main course I got shrimp and grits which was the perfect portion. Honestly after gorging on the scones and tomatoes I was already ready for dessert. But I was a warrior. Somehow I finished nearly the entire plate. We took a few breaths and rested a few minutes, and then came the strawberry shortcake. It was fate I was there that day because strawberry shortcake is my favorite childhood dessert and each bite made me so happy.

I am still full.

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Miya said...

This restaurant sounds like heaven. Haven't had worthy FGT since moving here from Georgia.