Friday, October 29, 2010

Saigon Block

No, it's not the red light district of Richardson, Texas. It's a new-ish Vietnamese restaurant that was recently added to the Top 100 list of restaurants in Dallas. And now that fall is upon us, it's time for pho, and lots of it. Like a gallon of it. And it was goooooood. The best part was the mountain of fresh basil served on the side. Oh and the Imperial Roll was great too (despite the photo). My only suggestion when you're there is to have patience. The wait staff barely speaks any English and messed up just about every part of our order. FYI hot tea is free!

Classic pho with top round steak

The Imperial Roll

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I'm back from taking a good long break from blogging. I wasn't sure if I'd ever return, if I ever had anything valuable to say, but who cares anyway right? It's fun and I miss it, and it doesn't matter if I do have anything valuable to say because this blog's just for giggles.

I thought it fitting to make my first rebirth post about a fantastic new exhibit of emerging photographers at the MoMa's new show. Oh how I wished I lived in NYC. I would live at the museums.

So here are a few highlights:

Alex Prager, American, born 1979
Alex Prager
Elad Lassry, Israeli, born 1977
Elad Lassry, Israeli, born 1977
Elad Lassry, Israeli, born 1977

Sadly I am still reading Scoop, even though it's merely a 300 page book. Been consumed by magazines and Glee lately.