Saturday, March 19, 2011

Je suis 30

Leo lives! The crowd rejoices.
The Dover Sole, get it, eat it, love it

Profiteroles for everyone!

Babes of our Ladies Who Cook, cooking club

The smiliest couple I know, Kristi & Scot
My birthday cake, from Casa Linda Bakery
I decided that my 30s were going to be the era of responsibility and good judgment. But I'm fairly certain this notion has already flown out the window, as I am writing this with one hand in the nutella jar and the other on the keyboard. Last night was wonderful, and just a testament to how nothing ever goes as planned yet always turns out to be spectacular.

A small group of friends got together at Toulouse last night because yes, I'm still obsessed with French food. As we were all cozying into our seats, Leo decided he should try and make a peepee since being cramped in such tiny quarters makes him nervous. While he's in the little boys' room, we all order cocktails and begin chit chatting away. Fifteen minutes later I notice Leo's still not back from his tinkle attempt. I check my cell phone and he texted me that he was trapped in the bathroom from the inside! So I sent my brother to rescue him. We continue gabbing. And someone points out after 10 minutes or so that they've been gone and oddly long amount of time. Two more guys leave our table to see what's going on. Soon after, we hear all this banging going on in the back, but I still don't get up to see what's happening. I'm too enthralled in my Pimm's Cup. Mmmmmm. My friend, Andrea, went back to document the rescue but I accidentally deleted the photos! But even the chef was back there with a tool box! It was hysterical. Leo emerges and the restaurant is cheering! The feast commences.

Thanks, friends, for making this night so memorable. I love you!


Miya said...

Haha LOVE it! It was indeed hysterical, delicious, fun times. YAY! :)

Rebecca!?! said...

This makes me want to move to Dallas....dinner parties with hip friends?!?! Yes please.

Nicole said...

Becca if you moved here I would to a marathon of cart wheels. Yes, 26.2 miles of cart wheels.

Kristi Redman said...

That was a memorable introduction to Leo! I had SUCH a blast last night. Mark really rocked Michael Jackson like I've never seen before;)