Sunday, May 1, 2011

Good Girls Go To Paris Crepes ~ Detroit, Michigan

If you need any more convincing that Detroit is the Paris of the Midwest, look no further than Good Girls Go to Paris Crepes. My little brother and I did some gallivanting downtown while I was home. He wanted to show me some of the new spots that were popping up, namely in the cultural district near his school, Wayne State University. {He's a recent PhD admit to their Literature and Cultural Studies program}. The moment we walked in I died. I died of adorableness overload. This place is cuter than the crepe cafes I'd been to in Paris! Fact. Maybe it's because red is my favorite color (second to black). I truly couldn't contain my excitement and immediately began photographing everything and everyone. Sorry, Vinny, I know I embarrassed you. Love you! 

My brother, the literary scholar, with his cup of joe. Isn't he the cutest? Yes, yes he is.
We were both in the mood for something sweet. So we ordered the Black Kristy comprised of chocolate and strawberries with whipped cream. It was warm and gooey and just all-around delightful.

I made Vinny take this photo of me. Since I was wearing stripes and all I thought it fitting.
Go here and sit for hours over crepes and coffee, talk about nothing and everything, and enjoy every moment of it.


noëlle {simmer down!} said...

Cute blog! My friend Torya who owns the café posted the link on her Facebook page. I also have a food blog and read "Of Human Bondage" last year, quelle coincidence. :) There are lots of great restaurants and shops cropping up these days in midtown, hopefully you'll be able to visit again soon.


Mater said...

Well Nicole, Vin has already made his second trip to Detroit for these crepes! Now it is my turn! I love the photos you took and can't wait to see and taste for myself! Perhaps soon. Looking forward to your entry about Slow's! It was so much fun having you home my love! Already counting down til your next visit!

Anonymous said...

Look yummy!!!

tasteofbeirut said...

I just made crêpes tonight and was reflecting on the fact that there are no places around here that make decent crêpes! This place looks like a lot of fun!

Nicole said...

Joumana, we should just open one in Dallas! Oui?

Mater said...

Well, surprise! We went down to Detroit and visited this adorable little hideaway. Vin's third time and our first! I ordered the spinach, pinenuts and cheese crepe. Delicious but then I tasted Vin's and will definately pay another visit just to taste it again. He got the "Sharon", I think that was the name of it. It had strawberries and cheese! Dad got nutella, banana and strawberries. That was yummy too but Vin's was my favorite. I'm kinda convinced that crepes are meant to be sweet and not so much savory. I'm all in favor of you opening a little crepe place! I'm willing to offer my culinary skills! Must say... I got a kick out of their menu and all of the cute names they gave each kind of crepe. Quite creative I thought! But then again, WE can be quite creative ourselves especially when we put both of our heads together my love! We'll have to pay another visit when you come back to town! Yum!