Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Slow's BBQ ~ Detroit, Michigan

Sweet Tea
Mac 'n Cheese
The Reason
An array of house sauces. The apple is my favorite.
In Texas there are hundreds of solid barbecue joints. To be honest I'm not even that big a fan of barbecue and probably eat it once or twice a year (blasphemy!). However, Detroit has a place that could definitely compete with the best in Texas. It's called Slow's. And I know, it's been around since before I moved out of Michigan six years ago. There's really no sense in me talking about it to anyone in Detroit because everyone knows about it and loves it. You can't go there without expecting to wait two hours to be seated. Unless you go on a random Tuesday afternoon at 3 when most people are at work. But even then it was mostly filled. Enough jabbering, here are my photos.

Peach Raspberry Cobbler
The beer list board
The front door. LOVE it!
Slow's is directly in front of the old Grand Central Station, which was built in 1913 by the same architect as NYC's Grand Central Station. It's really a pity what it has become. Yet somehow it's still beautiful.


Denise said...

Been meaning to get to slow's! We are in love with Union Woodshop though, so it's hard to break a habit. Your photos are GORGEOUS!!!

Mater said...

This goes down as one of the best dates we shared together my love! I enjoyed every single minute of that entire day! Can't wait to go back the next time you come to town! All the pics look sooooo delicious. My favorite is the awesome shot you got of the train station. I've always had such appreciation for its fabulous fascade and ornate design.